The Health and Housing Partnership

The Health and Housing Partnership is a consultancy that provides research and advice on housing issues and services.

We are passionate about housing and believe that good housing can help transform lives.

We understand that for the most vulnerable in society, housing determines the life chances of their children and their future health outcomes.

We think that improving housing supply is critical. Over the long term, supply affects who can afford to buy and rent a home and how much space they can occupy. In the short term, new supply is critical to enabling households to move and meet their needs.

As well as building new homes, improving supply means making best use of the homes we already have, including bringing empty homes back into use and making more imaginative use of redundant commercial property.

We know that the condition of homes also has a real impact on the physical and mental health of occupants, particularly children and vulnerable people.

Cold, damp or crowded homes can also affect the educational and emotional development of children, where there may be insufficient personal space to do homework and to play.

We understand that good housing is inherently linked to work, public services and community. Strategies to improve housing work best when they appreciate and embrace these interrelationships.