Private Sector Renewal Policy- North Devon

In 2013 Ian produced North Devon Council’s Private Sector Renewal Policy for the period 2013-2015 in which he aligned the Council’s strategic housing with the health and wellbeing priorities in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

Improving the health of vulnerable populations through better housing has been a central theme in Ian’s work.

Ian was at the forefront in confronting the poor health outcomes of families living in poor quality system built housing and affected by cold and damp hazards in his former consultancy work.

He welcomes the return of public health to local government and is excited by the opportunity of ensuring that housing is recognised once again as a key factor in influencing the wider social determinants of health.

The Health & Housing Partnership recently completed a strategic assessment of housing and health needs and outcomes in North Devon. THHP produced two research papers related to this study. Please click here to read about the relationship between geography, demographic change, tenure and health outcomes in North Devon. To read about the use of secondary data in analysing the influence of economic and social factors in determining housing outcomes in North Devon please click here.