The influence of economic and social factors in determining housing outcomes in North Devon 2001-2011’ The Journal of Environmental Health Research Vol.15 Issue 1. October 2015

Research commissioned to provide an evidenced based analysis of housing need in North Devon to assist in identifying key housing priorities and challenges.
The study examines selected economic, social, housing and health secondary data sources and identifies key housing and health challenges in the area. To read the study click here

Spare Bedroom Shortage

By Kerry Parr The tug of war over spare bedrooms is a more complex and deep rooted issue than has been portrayed by the often partial accounts in the media. It is about more than taking away £14 a week from working age people in social housing...

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Thoughts on delivering ‘Extra Care’ Housing

Here is a think piece that Kerry Parr wrote with Kent Housing Group to understand the barriers to delivering specialist accommodation for older people and some potential solutions to the challenges. It is published as a case study on the Housing Learning Improvement...

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