By Kerry Parr

The tug of war over spare bedrooms is a more complex and deep rooted issue than has been portrayed by the often partial accounts in the media.

It is about more than taking away £14 a week from working age people in social housing with a spare bedroom. At the root of the bedroom problem is a deep unfairness with our housing system. The unfairness is the vast shortage of housing. It is this that causes it to be rationed. It is this that has allowed a complex bureaucracy in charge of that rationing process to develop. There is inevitable hardship that arises when there is not enough to go around and hence ridiculous arguments about spare rooms. It also ignores the fact that one third of those on housing benefit live in the private rented sector and they do not benefit from a ‘spare room subsidy’ – or you could argue they are already subject to the ‘bedroom tax’. There is deep inequality is between those in the social and private rented sectors.

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