What we do

We work with our clients to understand housing needs and issues and to develop evidence, plans and strategies to improve housing outcomes.

We develop bespoke solutions to address the questions you may have.

These could include:

  • How many households are in need and what are their needs for accommodation?
  • What is the condition of the housing stock in your local area?
  • How much new housing is required and what type, tenure and size is needed?
  • How is housing in your area affecting the health and wellbeing of occupants?
  • How can you work with landlords to improve the condition of private rented homes?
  • What is the role of housing associations in providing wider services (eg support in to work, training or accessing public services) to tenants and local communities?

Some examples of what we can provide include:

  • Evidence to support housing policies and strategies
  • Housing market analysis and assessment (SHMAs)
  • Housing need assessments
  • Assessments of stock condition
  • Reviews and evaluations of existing policies
  • Evidence on the impact of affordable rent and welfare reform
  • Party and single joint expert services
  • Suitability of accommodation assessments for landlord and tenant purposes including discharge of duty appeals/repairing covenants and forensic investigation of building pathology.
  • Housing epidemiology assessments at individual and population level including the alignment of housing strategies with health and wellbeing priorities
  • Training, staff development and mentoring